Laurel D'Andrea

Laurel is excited to be part of this eclectic group of individuals who are here to make a difference when it comes to raising much-needed funds for health care. Laurel’s proven track record for philanthropy and leadership is what drives her to do good things.

Laurel currently enjoys her role as the Executive Director at the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce, and she is a member of the Rotary Club of Kitimat. In her past life, she was part of the Arthritis Society of Kelowna, Kelowna Hospital Foundation, Okanagan Volunteer Fair, and so many more.

Life in Kitimat has been very enjoyable, and she loves spending time with Charlie walking their dogs Zoey and Boo, connecting with friends, and face timing with her 3 granddaughters, Emery, Sadie, and Peyton.

Her passion is people and loves it when she makes good things happen for those she cares about.

When people say to her “we can’t,” her response is “I bet we can!”

Julie Wakita is born and raised in Kitimat and is loving raising her two kids in this beautiful community. She currently works as a dental hygienist and is passionate about improving health care for the whole community.  She has been a member of the hospital foundation for eight years. 

Margaret Sanou, who began life in Halifax, NS, moved to Kitimat in 1989 after spending her childhood in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec, her teenage years in Kamloops, and the first two decades of adulthood in the Lower Mainalnd.

During the three decades that Margaret lived in Kitimat, it has become home, a place where she values the marvellous forests and mountains, the friendly people and the sense of community that she has found here.

Since retiring from teaching in 2005, Margaret has volunteered with quite several community organizations, including the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation, where she is currently a director. In the past, she has also served as the Foundation's secretary and  a year as its president.

“The importance of access to top-notch healthcare can not be overstated,” says Margaret. “ Kitimat General Hospital Foundation has an important role to play in raising funds that contribute to the efforts to achieve that goal.”

Rob, along with being a Director of KGHF is also the Chairperson of Kitimat Health Advocacy Group (KHAG), a District of Kitimat sponsored Committee since 2004.

A retired teacher and Municipal Councillor, Rob serves on several health, social and politically related committees, boards and executives in Kitimat and the NW.

A long time Kitimat resident, Rob lives with his wife Cristi, and has five of his six children and seven of his eight grandchildren living in Kitimat, close by, to this day.

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