Margaret Sanou

Margaret Sanou, who began life in Halifax, NS, moved to Kitimat in 1989 after spending her childhood in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec, her teenage years in Kamloops, and the first two decades of adulthood in the Lower Mainalnd.

During the three decades that Margaret lived in Kitimat, it has become home, a place where she values the marvellous forests and mountains, the friendly people and the sense of community that she has found here.

Since retiring from teaching in 2005, Margaret has volunteered with quite several community organizations, including the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation, where she is currently a director. In the past, she has also served as the Foundation's secretary and  a year as its president.

“The importance of access to top-notch healthcare can not be overstated,” says Margaret. “ Kitimat General Hospital Foundation has an important role to play in raising funds that contribute to the efforts to achieve that goal.”