Ways to Give


Giving can be rewarding and we are committed to providing innovative and quality healthcare projects to our community. We are always excited and impressed by the generosity of our community; you truly are our heroes. What you give allows us to contribute to equipment and services at Kitimat General Hospital that otherwise would not be available. We don't think of our hospital unless we are in critical need of its services and then it becomes the focus of our lives, that is human nature. However, when the time comes that we need the services, the purchases we make using your contributions may well be critical to the outcome for a patient. It is just that simple. There are a host of different ways you can give to the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation and we will cheerfully help you determine the one best for you. Whether you are donating as individual, business, or organization, we can ensure you are happy with how your donation is used.





Monthly donations are a convenient and simple way to donate to the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation. Any monthly amount is gratefully received, and whatever you give provides a reliable source of funding for the Foundation.


One-time gifts are an important source of funding for the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation. At the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation, you can either contribute to our General Fund that we use for most of our high priority purchases, or you can designate your gift to go to a specific program you wish to support. Your gift will always contribute to better health care for you, your loved ones and the community.

in memoriam

Making a gift in memory of a friend or loved one is a meaningful way to remember those who impacted your life and, at the same time, to support patient care at the Kitimat General Hospital. If you wish, the Foundation will send a card on your behalf to a friend or family member acknowledging your thoughtfulness.

to say thank you!

So often, we want a way to say, "Thank you," to the doctor, nurse, or volunteer at Kitimat General Hospital who provided you or a loved one with exemplary care during what is always a difficult time. A donation made to the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation is not only a recognition of a job well done, but a contribution that will help to improve health outcomes. We will gladly send a card to the individual in question to acknowledge your generous gift.


Sending a special tribute to celebrate those individuals who contribute to our personal and community lives is so important. Giving tribute to someone can include birthdays, anniversaries, awards, accomplishments or most anything else that is special to you, your friends, your family, or your community. We will happily send a card to the individual(s) you are recognizing to acknowledge your generosity.


Especially for our friends in business, we encourage you to help create a healthier Kitimat by becoming a sponsor of a Kitimat General Hospital Foundation event. Forge better business relationships with your community and create a strong community corporate image. Your investment not only supports Kitimat as a whole, it also shows your leadership in community development. We will develop with you a marketing campaign to recognize your leadership / sponsorship and your contribution to the Foundation.

For information about sponsoring our annual gala, please contact our office.

legacy giving

As we think about the future, we often consider how we will be remembered once we're gone. Many of us want to be remembered for making our community a better place. By leaving a legacy gift to the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation you are able to support the things you care about most. Your generosity can help support the Foundation for a healthy, vibrant future for the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation.

More information about Legacy Giving is coming soon.