Do you care about eye care?

The Kitimat General Hospital Foundation (KGHF) does.

To help enable the three ophthalmologists in Terrace to continue to give the same level of care to patients from Kitimat, Terrace and other communities in the northwest region requiring eye surgeries, KGHF launched their "I CARE ABOUT EYE CARE' campaign in September, 2018. All funds raised from donations and grants in response to this campaign will be used to help purchase a new Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope. Only funds raised specifically for this project will be used to buy the microscope.

Over the last two years, the number of cataract surgeries at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace by Drs Nagy, Adante and Bricks has almost doubled. Many of these patients live in Kitimat. Perhaps, you, a family member or friend has had cataract surgery. Cataract development is the primary cause of progressive vision loss. Cataract surgery is the most common eye surgery, and as our population ages, the number of cataract surgeries is expected to continue to increase. An ophthalmic surgical microscope is essential for cataract and other eye surgeries. The current microscope is 15 years old and is currently supporting the work of 24 to 36 surgeries a week. With three surgeons, and an increased case load, a second instrument is required to support this expanding service. Having an expanded service and the latest technological instruments to support this service will allow patients in Kitimat and other communities in the Northwest to receive their eye care closer to home and avoid having to expend travel costs and time to have their surgery performed in more distant locations such as Prince George or Vancouver. The total cost of the new Leica M844 Ophthalmic Microscope is $195,143. The Dr. R.E.M. Lee Foundation in Terrace has committed to Raise $150,000 towards the purchase of the microscope. Northern Health will cover the remaining amount. The Dr. R.E.M. Lee Foundation has asked other hospital foundations in neighboring communities in the region to assist them in their effort to raise funds, as many patients from those communities will benefit from having the new microscope available to support eye surgeries.

The Kitimat General Hospital Foundation has agreed to provide $15,000 towards the purchase of the microscope by raising funds specifically through their "I CARE ABOUT EYE CARE" campaign, as eye surgeries are not available in Kitimat. Mills Memorial Hospital is the closest hospital for Kitimat residents to receive this service.

Join us as we help the R.E.M. Lee Hospital Foundation bring this much needed piece of equipment to our area. Contact our office at 250-632-8348, or mail in your donation today to Kitimat General Hospital Foundation, 920 Lahakas Boulevard S. Kitimat, BC V8C 2S3. Be sure to indicate that your donation is for our surgical microscope project.