Thanks to a generous grant by the P.A. Woodward Foundation, the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation was able to fully fund the new state-of-the-art ultrasound and examination table for the diagnositic imaging department at the Kitimat General Hospital.

The ultrasound arrived at the Kitimat General Hospital in the early summer of 2018 and was immediately put to use. Thank you to the P.A. Woodward Foundation for this grant!

More information about the P. A. Woodward Foundation, visit https://woodwardfoundation.ca.

TThe new Logiq E9 XD Clear Ultrasound is a state-of-the art, shared service ultrasound machine that will significantly improve patient care at Kitimat General Hospital. The unit has the capacity to provide superior imaging for radiology and vascular applications. It will expand the ultrasound services that have been available using our current old ultra sound machine. For example, the new ultrasound machine will enable staff to perform echocardigrams.

The new cutting edge machine uses advanced transducers with a single crystal, acoustic amplification and a cooling technology to improve image quality especially at deeper penetration where image quality typically faded.

The acquisition of this new technology by our hospital will:

  • shorten the wait-list, thereby providing faster diagnosis and faster treatment which will have a positive impact on ER and Acute Care services;
  • provide a wider range of examination options closer to home and support regional services;
  • help support the recruitment and retention of staff who are keen to work with current, up to date diagnostic equipment such as the Logiq E9 XD Clear;
  • equip the hospital to be a teaching site for ultrasound students completing their clinical practicums which will facilitate staff recruitment.