delta king place kitchen renovation


 Thanks to our generous donors the Kitimat General Hospital Foundation donated $20,000.00 towards the renovations of the kitchen facilities at Delta King Place. The renovations happened in the summer of 2018.

In January 2019 our members got a personal tour and were excited to hear how the renovations have impacted the staff and guests in such a positive way!

Thank you to our donors for joining us in completing this project!

Pictured (l-r) Rob Goffinet, Director KGHF; Karen Klepsch, Delta King Place Volunteer; Lucy Borges, Delta King Place Manager; Corinne Scott, Treasurer KGHF; Linda Thomson, Director KGHF, Margaret Sanou, President KGHF

Delta King Place, an assisted living facility for seniors and people living with disabilities, is run by a non-profit society, the Delta King Place Housing Society. It was originally built with a non-commercial kitchen and contracted out the food preparation for its residents.

Unfortunately, this initiative was very short lived as a contractor could not be found locally to provide meals for the residents. Consequently, the management hired its own kitchen staff to cook and prepare meals for the residents. Over the past ten years, the constant use of this kitchen facility, which was never intended for daily food preparation, has taken its toll. The kitchen is in dire need of an upgrade.

The cupboards have swelled and cracked due to the heat produced from a commercial dishwasher. The kitchen doesn't have a proper ventilation system so the air circulation is nearly non-existent. This makes it a difficult working environment for the culinary staff. Of urgent concern is a health report in October 2016 from Northern Health that stated that facility must address and correct these concerns to continue operating.

Delta King Place Society is, therefore, hoping to upgrade the kitchen facility at a cost of approximately $60,000, The upgrade will enable them to continue to provide daily nutritious meals to its residents and to support social engagement at the facility. This is essential to the health and well being of the residents.

  • upgrading the current particle cupboards and counter tops to commercial grade wood and stainless steel;
  • upgrading the current particle cupboards and counter tops to commercial grade wood and stainless steel;
  • installing a new stainless steel triple sink;
  • installing new commercial stainless steel range hoods and ducting for the new venting system;
  • upgrading systems to provide a heat pump to provide proper air circulation; 
  • and installing new resilient flooring.

Delta King Place has been fundraising with all the funds raised or donated going directly to the renovation project. The community has responded positively to their efforts. The Kitimat General Hospital Foundation has committed $20,000 to the project so far.