obstretics and gynEcology examination table

The new Ritter 223 Gynecology Examination Table will facilitate easier, safer, more efficient gynecological examinations for patients of our visiting gynecologist. It is a state of the art exam table that was designed in collaboration with physicians, disability experts and disability advocacy groups. One of the key goals of the design is to reduce the likelihood of distress and injury to patients who might have difficulty moving on and off industry standard box style examination tables.

Our new exam table will replace our aging box style exam table. Box style exam tables been the exam room standard for over 50 years. They are less accessible, less efficient and less comfortable than the Ritter 223 table which will likely become the new exam room standard.

Even with their step pulled out, the box style tables leave the patient's feet suspended resulting in an uncomfortable, unstable situation. The Ritter 223 is designed to allow patients to feel more stable and relaxed. The Ritter 223 has a powered height feature facilitated by a foot pedal that can lower the table to a minimum height of 18" (45.7 cm) from the floor and raise it to a maximum height of 37" (94 cm).
This will enable patients to sit on the table with their feet resting on the floor while they wait.

The power height feature will make it easier for all patients to get onto the table as it can be set at a height conducive to easy access for each patient. The power height feature will be especially appreciated by elderly patients and patients with disabilities. The table can be set at a height that allows patients to move easily from a wheelchair or walker onto the table. All patients will be able to move onto the table with no or minimum assistance from the physician or his staff. This will reduce the likelihood of medical staff straining their backs.

The power height feature also enables the physician to easily set the height of the table at a level that is optimum for performing the exam and for doing so in a manner that is comfortable for the physician and unlikely to put any undo strain on the physician's body.

Other features of the Ritter 223 Examination Table include: 

  • a power back system that enables the physician to place the patient in the optimal position for the exam;
  • a drawer that provides an area to store basic pelvic and examination supplies at the doctor's fingertips. It's fold-down front can also turn into a shelf, a design feature that makes the exam easier and more efficient for the doctor;
  • a drawer heater;
  • a padded top with a built-in pillow for patient comfort;
  • hideaway stirrups that lock into one of four positions;
  • foot extension shelves to extend the table length;
  • paper roll holders hidden under the headrest;
  • and storage for four paper rolls.